What are the Benefits of Texas Defensive Driving?

Texas drivers: Dismiss tickets, save on insurance with defensive driving courses! Learn how & why it works. Safe driving, lower rates - win-win! Watch now!

Texas speeding tickets cost $155 to $340 but taking defensive driving cuts that drastically. Plus your completion certificate makes you eligible for insurance discounts for 3 years, saving you even more money long term.

Can You Pause a Defensive Driving Course?

FAQ video: Can You Pause a Defensive Driving Course? Explores the possibility of pausing online defensive driving courses and compares it to the limitations of in-person courses, highlighting the flexibility of online learning

The flexibility to start and stop your Texas defensive driving course is a huge perk of taking it online. Built-in hour long breaks let you log off, but pausing means you can jump out to handle life’s surprises then pick back up anytime.

Can You Take Defensive Driving On Your Phone?

Complete defensive driving on your phone? Yes, but choose a mobile-friendly course! Avoid layout issues & finish fast. Watch now!

Thanks to mobile-friendly courses, you can complete Texas defensive driving anywhere on your phone. We compare online vs. classroom courses and explain the steps to take after finishing to ensure your ticket gets dismissed.

How Much Does Defensive Driving Cost In Texas?

FAQ video: Cost of Defensive Driving in Texas? Explains the state-mandated minimum price of $25, explores optional upgrades based on learning style, and warns against misleading 'lowest price' claims.

Texas law sets the minimum defensive driving price at $25. Some companies offer extras like videos or apps for more. Either way, it saves nearly 50% over a ticket’s fine and years of increased insurance rates. We break down the math.

Can You Take Texas Defensive Driving More Than Once?

FAQ video: Can You Take Defensive Driving More Than Once? Explores the frequency and purpose of taking defensive driving courses in Texas, addressing ticket dismissal, insurance discounts, and eligibility for both.

You can take defensive driving in Texas as often as every 3 years for insurance discounts. For ticket dismissal, there’s a once per 12 months limit. We explain the rules around multiple completions for different purposes.

Can You Skip Defensive Driving Videos in Texas?

FAQ video: Can You Skip Defensive Driving Videos in Texas? Explores the challenges and consequences of skipping videos in Texas-approved online defensive driving courses, emphasizing the importance of completing the full program for safety knowledge and compliance.

Skipping videos seems like it would save time, but you’ll likely have to rewatch them to answer questions correctly. Built-in timers ensure you spend the required 6 hours, so watch the videos to make it go faster.

Can Defensive Driving Dismiss Your Texas Ticket?

Dismiss TX tickets with defensive driving! Learn if you qualify, benefits, & how to get started. Avoid points, keep rates low. Watch now!

Get full details on the proper sequence of steps for dismissing a Texas traffic ticket with defensive driving. Learn what’s required and tips to avoid common mistakes that could make you start over and pay fines.