Pass Guaranteed: Defensive Driving with No Final Exam in Texas

Not Every Course Has No Final Exam—But This One Sure Doesn't!

Defensive Driving with No Final Exam

Taking a defensive driving course can be pressure enough. This pressure gets to eleven if you have the looming specter of a final exam you must pass before you can earn the certificate that will get you out of your ticket. Approved Course Texas wants to make your defensive driving experience as painless as possible. Thanks to a loophole we found in the state’s requirements, we have accomplished exactly that. You can pass your course GUARANTEED in the easiest and fastest way allowed by law.

Why Do Driver Safety Courses Have Tests?

Texas defensive driving (a.k.a. driver safety) courses have tests for the exact reason you think they do—the state wants to ensure that you learn something while taking your course. Not only that, they want you to be able to prove it. Now we are pretty sure what you’re thinking. You’ve probably been driving for years, and what could you possibly not know (or remember) about driving and the driving environment? After all, it’s probably been a hot minute since you were in drivers ed!

To make things even more interesting, you’d be surprised how many non-driving things the state wants you to know about. Like what? How about..?

  • Littering?
  • Organ donation?
  • Human trafficking?


We can’t explain why these topics are a part of defensive driving, just that they are. Remember, it’s the state making the rules, and how often does the state do things that make sense?  

So What is This Loophole You Discovered?

A few years after the state approved online defensive driving, they changed course evaluation standards. At first, every course was required to include a final exam of at least 20 questions. Eventually, they discovered that this may not be the best way to ensure students learned anything and that it made things really hard. Why?

One of the benefits of online defensive driving is the ability to log in and out of your course. This allows you to work at a pace that suits you and your schedule, perfect for your busy life. But what if your life is so busy that it takes you days or even weeks to complete your course? How do you feel about your chances of passing a comprehensive final exam now?

Fortunately, the state stumbled upon another way to assess student learning. They determined that a short quiz at the end of every unit was a better way to go. That way, you can jump through the state’s “See, I did too learn something” hoops when all of the information is still fresh in your mind.

There’s another way the state made things better. The state only gives you three tries to finish a course with a final exam. With quizzes, you get all the attempts you need. Bottom line? Passing is guaranteed.
Now we can’t tell you how many courses still use the final exam method of assessment, but we can tell you for sure that our does not. Can you think of any other reason to not get started

Easy defensive driving no final

The Easiest Online Defensive Driving Course in Texas

Every day, thousands of Texans Google “What is the easiest defensive driving course in Texas?”  In the interest of full disclosure, the number one answer to that query is offered by, and their number one choice is iDriveSafely. (BTW, we make their list, too.)

iDriveSafely is a great defensive driving provider and has been in the game for a long, long time. In the ’90s, they were among the first to jump into the Texas online defensive driving market and helped thousands of Lone Star State drivers get tickets dismissed. 

That being said, we think our course is a good one, too. Our course’s author taught defensive driving in person in the 90s and, after hours in the classroom, understands what makes a course enjoyable. We are dedicated to making your defensive driving “adventure” pleasant, fast, and easy. You can make things even easier by upgrading to our 100% video course.  

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