How Do I Sign Up for Defensive Driving?

Just Click "Get Started" Below—But Not Unless You Have Court Approval!

Don't "Get Started" Without Doing This First!

Unless you have received permission from your court, don’t sign up for this (or any) course. No matter which of Texas’s 1000+ courts has jurisdiction over you ticket, all of them will make you start the whole process over again if you start defensive driving before you have gotten their go ahead. 

Got Your Yes? Then Let's Get Started!

If you’ve gotten the all clear from the state, it’s time to choose a course. If you’ve Googled “Texas defensive driving” or “Texas driver safety course,’ you’re probably a little overwhelmed by the sheer number of courses available. Before you throw up your hands, know this. Every TDLR-approved course has to cover exactly the same subjects. Some do it better than others, but, at the end of the day, it’s all the same stuff.

I will humbly submit, the one found on this site does a pretty good job.  Ahem.

The registration process of all courses will ask you for some basic information about yourself (name, address, birthdate, email, etc.) as well as your license plate and driver’s license numbers.

Then they’re going to ask you for some money.

Do I Need A Credit Card To Register?

It will come as no surprise that you’re going to have to pay for this thing, but not necessarily by credit card.

Depending on the course, you may have to pay before they will let you get started.; others won’t ask for money until you’re almost done. All online courses will allow you to pay with a credit card and some will let you send in a check or money order later. The main thing to remember here is that none of them will send your certificate until you send them some money.

Most all courses offer money-back guarantees, and they vary in fine print from course to course. Some will return your money within x amount of time after registration. Some will return it if you have only completed x amount of the course. Just to let you know, ours will refund yours anytime, as long as you haven’t taken the last quiz at the very end.

What Happens After I Finish?

Start by giving yourself a “Whew, I survived it!” pat on the back.

The defensive driving provider will then work on getting your certificate to you to send to the court. How that happens will depend on the company and any delivery options/instructions you have selected. All courses include standard USPS, first-class delivery in the price of admission. How long that delivery takes depends, of course, on how far you live from the office that creates your certificate, how fast they produce your certificate, and how frisky the postal service feels that day. Most course providers also have expedited delivery upgrades available to you if you’re right up against your court date.

While I can’t speak to the specifics of all of them, Approved Course Texas (located near Ft. Worth) will have have your certificate created as soon as you finish the course and, if you finish before 3:00 o’clock, into the mail to you the same day. They also offer USPS expedited delivery (two-day and overnight) as well as an upgrade that will let you print your certificate the minute you finish.

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