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Does Texas Defensive Driving Reduce the Cost of a Ticket?

According to Forbes, a speeding ticket in Texas can cost between $155 and $340. Yikes, all of that because you overslept and were late for work!

When you take defensive driving, that number is drastically reduced. You will still have to pay the court a fee for the privilege of taking a course, but the amount of that check will be a lot lower than paying the ticket straight up. Tack on the cost of the course and you’re still way ahead. Not only that, taking defensive driving will pay you back.   

Can I Save Money on My Insurance With Defensive Driving?

In a word, YES, whether you take it for a ticket or not.

By taking a defensive driving course, your ticket will not appear on your driving record so you won’t be seeing an increase on your premiums. Beyond that, your completion certificate may allow you to even make them decrease.

Texas is one of a few states that allows speeders to “double dip.” The certificate you will receive after your course will come in two parts, a court copy and an insurance copy. The first, naturally, goes to the court. The other can be presented to your insurance agent. If your company offers any sort of “safe driver discount,” your certificate will make you eligible for it. The savings on your policy will be in effect for three years. It could be that the initial inconvenience of getting a ticket may make you money in the long run!

Sounds Good—What Else Do I Get?

Wow, still not enough? OK then…

A defensive driving course also carries the benefit of making you a better driver. How?

  • Driving laws change over time, a course will bring you up to date
  • Dangers on the road change over time, a course will help you watch out better
  • Vehicles around you change over time, a course will get you up to speed with these changes, too


If you’re like me, it’s been a minute since driver’s ed. Driving, over time, becomes an activity we perform without thinking. A refresher and a moment to reflect on how we go about things when we get behind the wheel couldn’t hurt. Defensive driving is a win for you, the others in your car, and the others on the road around you.

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