What's Covered in Texas Defensive Driving?

Laws, Skills, Safety, and More

I've Been Driving for YEARS! What Can They Possibly Teach ME?!?

The topics covered in a defensive driving course are dictated by the TDLR (Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation). Most of the topics are things you’d expect, things like: 

  • Traffic law
  • Sharing the road
  • Signs, signals, and road markings 
  • Accident prevention
  • Handling emergency situations
  • Driving in hazardous conditions
  • Right of  way rules
  • Safe driving techniques
  • The dangers and consequences of DWI

On the other hand, since it’s the state making the rules, some of the topics covered don’t make sense at all. Shocker, right? Want some examples? How about:

  • Littering
  • Organ donation
  • Human trafficking
Why are these things included in defensive driving? I’m afraid you’ll have to ask Austin. And don’t forget…
Texas defensive driving topics

Why Are These Things Important to Know?

When Texas first introduced defensive driving, the course had a stated goal: “To improve a driver’s knowledge, perception, and skills to save lives, reduce injuries, and to make driving safer for all of us.” We think that’s a lofty goal and do our best to provide just that.

Think about it. It’s been a minute since most of us have been in drivers ed, and a reminder or two about safe driving habits certainly couldn’t hurt. Don’t you want to drive surrounded by the best drivers? We sure do! 

What Are the ABC's of Defensive Driving?

Just as with anything else, the “ABC’s” means the basics. A “back in the day” drivers ed video defined them this way.

Attitude—Everyone’s safety depends first and foremost on the attitude of every driver on the road. One angry or aggressive or otherwise “offensive” driver can screw things up for everybody else.

Back Down—What you must be prepared to do if you encounter one of the drivers mentioned above. You may arrive at your destination a minute or so later than you hoped, but at least you’ll get there alive! 

Clear Space—You can’t hit other drivers (and they can’t hit you!) if you always maintain a cushion of space around your car.

If you’d like the full retro explanation of these ABC’s, check out the full video.

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