Complete Your Texas Defensive Driving Course on Your Phone - Here's How (VIDEO)

Just Don't Try to Do It Between Texts in the Car!

Can You Take An Online Texas Driver Safety Course On Your Phone?

In a world where our amazing pocket computers allow us to get directions, have food delivered, and swipe right to find the love of our lives, the answer to that question is absolutely. Any internet-connected phone can be used to complete defensive driving, but be careful to choose your course wisely. Just because you can take any defensive driving course on your phone doesn’t necessarily mean you should

Even though over 60% of web searches are being done on mobile today, there are still plenty of internet sites that haven’t been reengineered to be mobile-friendly. The same is true of online defensive driving courses. When choosing a course, make sure it’s good to go on mobile. Getting through defensive driving can be trying enough, doubly so if you are constantly fighting layout and streaming issues.

However, with a good course designed for mobile (like ours), you can’t beat the convenience of being able to get through your course anywhere, any time you’ve got a minute. Your phone is in your hand almost all the time anyway. Why not use it to get your ticket dismissed and get on with your life?

What Are the Different Ways You Can Take Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving courses on mobile aren’t for everyone. Some prefer to go “old school” and head to a classroom to get it done. A classroom course is an excellent choice if you’ve got the time and enjoy meeting new people.

Unfortunately, in today’s busy world, convenience is king. This fact is especially true when it comes to completing tasks we’re not crazy about doing in the first place, like taking defensive driving. For busy folks, online is a great choice, doubly so if it can be used across multiple devices.

What Do I Do After I Complete My Defensive Driving Course?

No matter how you choose to complete your course, your journey is not at an end. It’ll cost you if you don’t get the rest of your t’s crossed and i’s dotted. 

Follow the steps below to ensure your ticket is dismissed, and your driving record stays clean.

  • Get permission from the court to take defensive driving
  • Purchase and complete your course
  • Receive your certificate of completion
    • Here’s where many students drop the ball. The student is responsible for informing the court of course completion, not the course provider.  Keep a close eye on your court date. If it is coming soon and you haven’t received your certificate, contact your course provider immediately. 
  • Gather the documents required by your court
    • These will include your completion certificate and, at minimum, a copy of your 3A driving record.
  • Submit your documents to the court
    • Depending on your court, this last step might be completed by mail, electronically, or in person. Just be sure to follow the directions of your court. 

There is one step beyond these that many students skip, but you won’t want to.

A certificate of completion comes in two parts, a court copy and an insurance copy. Be sure to submit that copy to your insurance company! Why just save money with a defensive driving course when you can make money, too? 

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